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James Waldron is a markedly interesting person to meet. You might ask yourself who he is – but you have probably seen some of his work in shop windows of high-end fashion brands already. Let us introduce the mastermind.

There’s a creative genius behind every successful brand

The fashion designer has many stories to tell, but we thought his very own story is worth to be told. Born and raised in Ireland, James knew early on that his creativity is destined for more. Following his studies at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin he moved to Italy 30 years ago to settle in the fashion capital Milan.

He has been working as Design Director at Giorgio Armani, as Design Consultant for Roberto Cavalli and has been operating as the personal stylist of the Spice Girls. He held many remarkable positions in his distinguished career and has been collaborating with well-known people and brands, however this does not let this humble character lose touch with the real world.

His muse is called passion

James Waldron's passion is what really keeps him going. Being passionate to him is about loving the things you do, focusing on the ideas you have and more importantly: nurturing these ideas.

The passion that I have has been my guiding light for many years.

James Waldron

Explore Life - Interview with James Waldron

Explore Life interviews freelance fashion designer James Waldron.

The success of James Waldron's collaborations with many different, well-established and well-known brands has allowed him to feel like he has reached great goals - both professionally and personally.


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