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Explore Life interviewed professional surgeons, audiologists and speech & language therapists from all around the world during CI2018. The 15th edition of the international conference on cochlear implants and other implantable auditory technologies took place in Antwerp, Belgium this June with more than 2000 international participants attending. The conference was the perfect occasion to ask professionals about their opinions, personal thoughts, wishes and explorations focused on hearing and hearing related matters.

Exploring life means to me ...

"Exploring adventures, trying new things, minimizing risks and understanding the perspective of our patients regarding their problems” is what Professor Hagr from The King Abdullah Ear Specialist Center (KAESC) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia answered when asked how he explores life.

Interview with Prof Hagr
Going to a foreign country and exploring a different life was the toughest exploration so far in Prof. Hagr’s life.

Professor Hagr is especially looking forward to what the future holds and is certain that many things will change, and new things will be learned, in the health sector and in his life in general. The downside of getting to know new things? Not knowing it already and not having known about certain things for a long time, is what he told Explore Life.

Professor Jablonski from the University Hospital Oslo, Norway, likes to explore new things and to do something exciting in his scant leisure. There’s a certain curiosity that goes along with learning new things and getting to know new people: “You can broaden your horizons by interacting with new people”, was his reaction.

Einstein once said that for every answer you get, ten more questions will be waiting. Professor Baumgartner form the General Hospital Vienna, Austria, fully agrees. He likes to explore the unknown and is truly interested in everything he does not know. His career is proof: he’s been in the health sector since 1990, saw a lot of changes and is still curious.

Professor Mlynski from the Rostock University Medical Center in Germany stated the following: “Watching, listening, living. That’s exploring!”

Professor Elshazly, President of the Egyptian Foundation of Cochlear Implants, describes what exploring life means to him in the following way: “To see new things, to have the freedom to go anywhere, to have the freedom to listen to anything and to see anything. And if you have a goal, you will always reach it.”

Explore Life also asked passers-by in the beautiful city of Antwerp what the first thing is that comes into their mind when they hear words like “sound”, “listening”, “exploring” and “trust”. All of them agreed on “importance”.

In a talk with Patrick D’Haese, Director of Awareness and Public Affairs at MED-EL, a leading manufacturer of (implantable) hearing solutions, the topics of general awareness of hearing loss as a hidden disability and possible treatment options were being discussed.

"There is a need for awareness so that people know about solutions for hearing loss and that treatment is possible!"

Patrick D'Haese
Interview with Patrick D’Haese
Patrick D’Haese, Director of Awareness and Public Affairs at MED-EL

Patrick D’Haese also referred to the latest report from the World Health Organization (WHO) on deafness and hearing loss: 466 million people globally are affected by disabling hearing loss and for every dollar spent in hearing loss prevention, 10 dollars can be saved.

Hearing loss
Hearing loss
Hearing loss
Hearing loss
Hearing loss
Hearing loss
References: The World Health Organization. Deafness and hearing loss. Available at:

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