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Look After Yourself And don't forget your hearing

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The world today has changed from the world that we have known up to now. This is due to a tiny virus with global impact.

“Always look on the bright side of life”

The theme from The Life of Bryan, might bring some humour and positive vibrations to you. And who knows - maybe the Covid-19 crisis is the trigger that makes you realize you should do something about your hearing? People are wearing masks and you cannot rely on lip-reading anymore. You are having a hard time understanding your friends via Skype, because the sound is different from a face to face conversation.

It is important to look after your hearing health, just as it is important to look after your health in general. And what better time to do this than now, with shops and restaurants closed and plenty of time to spend at home?

Why not take an online hearing test now? Check your hearing quickly and easily and find out whether it is the sound quality of your loudspeakers or indeed your ears that give you a harder time understanding your friends via Skype.


Online Hearing Test

While there's no substitute for a check-up with a hearing professional, MED-ELs interactive hearing tests will give you an idea of how well you can hear and communicate in everyday life.

Go to test

Please note that an online hearing test will indicate whether your hearing is good or poor, but cannot replace a thorough medical and audiological assessment of your hearing abilities. To find out exactly at what pitch and loudness you are hearing well, please consult an ENT doctor, audiologist or hearing aid acoustician.

I am hard of hearing and I know it

Maybe you are already one step further. Your ENT doctor or audiologist has confirmed that you have a hearing loss. You are wearing hearing aids, but still many questions remain unanswered. “Do I need to use my hearing aids all day long or is it sufficient to use them when I am going out?” “What if my hearing will deteriorate?” “Hearing loss is a part of aging, so why bother at all?”

We have listed helpful websites which cover almost everything you need to know about hearing and hearing loss. Check them out to find answers to your most pressing questions. In-depth knowledge will help you take informed decisions about your hearing health.

Elderly couple with tablet

You are not alone

You have been using hearing aids for many years, but your hearing has deteriorated to a point that makes oral communication impossible? You have a type of hearing loss that cannot be remedied with a conventional hearing aid? In that case you might be a candidate for a hearing implant.

They bypass the non-functioning part of the ear and help you hear again by means of electronics. This technology has been successfully used for more than 30 years, with convincing results. You are not alone. Hearing implant users all over the world are happy to share their experiences with their cochlear implants, their middle ear or bone conduction implants. You can get in touch with them via e-mail and ask your individual questions, chat with others in online forums or meet recipients in person at your local support group.

Here are a few links to online forums, hearing implant user support groups and networks for one-to-one exchanges of personal experiences:

Special times require special measures. But no matter which measures need to be taken to get back to the life that we know, being able to hear and communicate is always essential. So please stay safe and look after yourself – and after your hearing.


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