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Nicoló Santoro is a Made to Measure Specialist from Milan, Italy. Every day, he meets different people and is encouraged in what he does. The keyword here is "different", as no one is alike. Nicoló Santoro creates masterpieces, garments tailored to a person's individual posture, shape and personality. Every single one of his handcrafted products is unique, as are his customers.

I sell many clothes, but what I actually sell is the customer’s own dress.

Nicoló Santoro

The concept

After a customer has expressed their wish for a specific garment, Santoro’s work begins. The art of measuring the customer’s body for that specific piece of clothing is merged with craftsmanship. Individual measurements are taken, transferred to paper and combined with a suggestion of high-quality fabrics and special patterns that will fit the customer’s needs perfectly.

Once the garment, hand cut and sewn, is finished, the customer comes back for fitting. Minor adjustments are made before the new garment is perfect and ready for the customer to enjoy.

True to the motto “a one-size-fits-all approach simply does not fit anymore”.

Made to Measure in the hearing world

Every cochlea is as unique as a finger print, that’s why MED-EL, leading manufacturer of hearing solutions, focuses on providing individual products for people with hearing loss. Every ear is unique, every degree and type of hearing loss that come with it are unique, too and require different hearing solutions. After a thorough hearing assessment hearing specialists choose the most suitable product to fit a person’s individual hearing needs best.

Individuals who decide for a tailormade product want to present themselves well, they truly value, appreciate and love themselves.

Nicoló Santoro

The Made to Measure Specialist from Milan is talking about his work and what makes his job so special.

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