Practice Makes Perfect The story about eight-year-old Eyad, and his life of possibilities thanks to his CI

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Pablo Picasso once said: “He can who thinks he can, and he can’t who thinks he can’t. This is an inexorable, indisputable law.” Eight-year-old Eyad is a living proof of this. Following a cochlear implant at the age of one, Eyad has succeeded in overcoming his hearing loss and his fears to become an inspiring example at a very young age.

Life of Possibilities - Eiad's personal training

Thanks to his cochlear implant, Eiad can follow conversations and is now able to introduce his friend Adam to the principles of CrossFit and kettlebell training.

Achieving through encouragement

Eyad never wanted to learn to swim and was always afraid of the water. However, his uncle Mahmoud helped Eyad to overcome his fear. When the family went to popular Egyptian resort Ras Sedr on holiday, his uncle took Eyad swimming for the first time. He taught Eyad a very strong lesson in life; take your fears and turn them into strengths.

Uncle Mahmoud became something of a sports and life mentor to Eyad. He continued to take Eyad swimming ever since that day and arranged for him to train with a swimming coach. Now, Eyad never misses a swimming training. These trainings haven’t just helped to improve Eyad’s swimming performance but also his self-esteem.

Encouraged by his uncle, Eyad continued to develop a real passion for sport. Mahmoud encouraged Eyad to join his children’s CrossFit group and stood by his side during the CrossFit training sessions, guiding him and motivating him through every step of the workout. Eyad achieved great results and became a successful member of the group in a very short time.

Sports not only helped Eyad to increase his self-confidence, but helped him to recognise a passion for mentoring. He began to coach children of his age and even older in different sports, just like Mahmoud did and continues to do with him.

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Eyad, a boy from Egypt lives a life full of possibilities thanks to his cochlear implants

A point of weakness becomes a point of strength

Eyad not only did well at sports, but he excelled at school as well. In addition, he participates in different school activities involving diction and language.

What was once a point of weakness is now Eyad’s point of strength. His cochlear implant have helped Eyad to hear and undertake activities that any child with normal hearing would. With the help of his cochlear implant, Eyad is like any other child capable of communicating “normally”.

Pride and happiness

When Eyad’s mother first recognised her son was suffering from hearing loss, doctors told her that after getting the cochlear implant she would need to put much more effort in parenting than a normal parent would for Eyad to enjoy life as a child and fully benefit from the cochlear implant. That’s when she decided to leave her job so that she would be free to support Eyad in every step of his hearing journey and help him to achieve his potential.

Eyad’s mother Fatima was lucky she had the means to do this. But now, after six years, Fatima is proud of her decision and her success in helping Eyad achieve more than she could ever have wished for. “I am on cloud nine that I’ve been able to help my son reach his dreams. I can’t wait to see what he goes on to achieve in the future.”

“Eyad is now like every other child, thanks to his cochlear implant”, said Eyad’s uncle Mahmoud. “He is now finding his passions and exploring what is possible. Everything in life is now open to him.”


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