Two Sisters, Unlimited Potential A life of possibilities thanks to four cochlear implants

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Meet Anan and Banan, two sisters from Egypt, who were born with severe hearing loss. After having cochlear implants fitted, both sisters have found their passions and excitement about the future – with the help and support of their loving parents. This is their story.

Life of Possibilities - chef Banan & dr. Anan #life_of_possibilities

Dr. Anan and Chef Banan talk about their dreams. #life_of_possibilities

The new normal

Anan and Banan sit on the floor while their mother reads them a story. She asks them about the elephant in the story, and Anan answers excitedly. Their father is on the other side, listening to the story, teaching them new words, and truly enjoying and appreciating every second.

This scene may sound quite normal; a mother and a father reading stories to their children. However, the situation is far from normal. Anyone meeting them now would never believe that these children once had a hearing problem. Because following their cochlear implant surgery, both children’s hearing has improved immeasurably and they have discovered a life full of possibilities.

From a world of silence to performing on stage

From a young age, Anan's and Banan’s parents recognised that both daughters possessed an extraordinary passion and talent for music. Anan started singing single words then singing them to a rhythm and, when her mother heard this, she started repeating the songs with her and listening to them over and over again. Anan’s self-confidence grew, and not only musically. She started going to parties and participating in activities. As for Banan, her mother saw how much she loved her music class at school and how much she enjoyed playing the piano. She made it so that the piano became a daily part of Banan’s life.

With music, the bonds between Anan and Banan grew stronger. The two sisters are now inseparable and perform regularly on stage together.

Unlimited Talents

Anan's and Banan's passions are not limited to music. Anan loves to draw and started expressing herself using paper and crayons when she was only two years old. Her hearing problems meant she often felt lonely and isolated, so drawing and painting became a way to overcome this and to express herself. As she got older, her passion developed, even receiving a certificate of appreciation from the Egyptian Opera House for her participation in an art exhibition for children. Banan always loved food so her father, a chef, taught her to cook. She tried different recipes in the kitchen and imitated him in everything from his cooking technique to the clothes he wore.


Ongoing support

Anan and Banan also excelled at regular schools thanks to their hearing implants. Anan's and Banan's mother was not worried about her daughters before they started school – she had prepared both her daughters well for school during the rehabilitation process. At school the teachers were very supportive, helping both children to feel comfortable in the academic environment.

The fruits of this support were clear; Anan and Banan are now outstanding students. Anan was one of the top students in her school last year and hopes to study hard and become a doctor one day. Hearing implants have made it possible for Anan and Banan to both enjoy and achieve at school. The world is now open to them.


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Playing and enjoying life

From school, to the stage, to the cosy room in their house where they play their imagination games, this twosome grows stronger every day. Banan wearing her chef apron and hat and Anan with a toy stethoscope around her neck. Each child with her own passion, excited about a future where anything is possible. Nothing can stand in their way now!


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