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Around the globe

Did you know that even the planet earth itself produces sounds? And the earth is by far not the only planet within our solar system: the sun produces sounds too!

Click here to listen to the sun's special sound.

Under water

Did you know that the whale's language sounds like music? The water carries their sounds across more than 2.000 Kilometers, 4.7 times faster than air. The humpback whale for example sings a song, a repeating melody, to communicate underwater. The songs of the humpback whale are even considered as the longest and diverse animalistic chants on the planet.

Whales are truly sensitive to noise: today, their natural ambient noise is oftentimes disturbed by construction sites, etc. which can lead to deafening symptoms.

Superpower: hearing sense

Did you know that the bat's hearing is considered the best around our globe?

The bat is using ultrasound to orientate itself thanks to the echo bouncing back from objects, which sounds like the ticking of a clock. A bat can perceive sounds up to a pitch of 200.000Hz - a human ear can perceive high pitched sounds up to 8.000Hz, whereas a normal conversation lies between 1.000Hz and 2.000Hz. Incredible, right?

Forgotten sounds?

Can you remember the sound of an old typewriter? Or calling someone on a rotary dial phone? When did you last hear someone typing on a mobile phone with buttons? Or when was the last time you were listening to the sound of rewinding a video cassette?

Reminiscing sometimes brings up emotions that are more attached to long-gone things as we might expect!

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